Gephebase 101- For a first use of Gephebase

The manual for curators can be viewed here.



You can retrieve data via HTTP requests through APIs. Below is the list of available APIs. By default, the response data is sent in xml format. For each field, it is possible to only enter a subset of a keyword and still be able to successfully retrieve the desired data. (example: "Bir" for "Birds" will display all data that have the characters "Bir").

Gephe ID{idgephe} (to view all the data for a given gephe entry) (to view all the data of all gephe entries){gephe}-{gephe}{gephe},{gephe},{gephe}, ...
gephe matches the number of the complete gephe or just the numeric portion, for example : « GP00000001 » or « 1 » to retrieve the data of the first gephe.

Trait Category:{traitcategory}
Experimental Evidence:{experimental}